Review - Wicked Brick - 75192 - Millennium Falcon Stand




In October 2017 I published a review of the highly anticipated 75192 - Millennium Falcon, the successor to the legendary 10179 - UCS Millennium Falcon. An outstanding set with one fundamental "flaw" and that is its sheer size, which makes it really hard to display it properly. One of the first solutions was building the Efferman stand, made by our very own Eurobricks member Efferman. However, if you are not into LEGO building (insert wink here), or you don't have the (mosty) Technic parts, there are other cool solutions to get yourself a stand.

One of these solutions (I will review another one next month) is the display stand made by Wicked Brick. This stand comes with a, separately sold, minifig stand. Needless to say I will be reviewing both products. But before we start, I would like to thanks Kevin Murden for his enthusiastic response and making this review possible.


The entire package comes in a well protected bubble mailer.

To facilitate shipping, the stand is made up of different parts and it needs to be put together. This results in a building experience for the stand, as well as for the actual model :wink: 

The stand itself is comprised of five elements:

  • 1x Baseplate
  • 2x Sides
  • 2x Connectors

Here you can see an image of the baseplate, with a very cool engraving of the Millennium Falcon. I like little details like these.

The two sides below show the angle at which the model will be positioned. The angle is roughly 60 degrees.

Two plates will connect the left side and the right side and give the stand its rigidity. The image below also shows the separate minifig stand, which fits nicely into the main stand.


Assembling the stand is pretty straightforward, although you will need to apply some pressure to fit the parts together. This isn't a bad thing, since friction is all that keeps the stand together, so you don't want the parts to slide in and out easily.

However, Jim wouldn't be Jim if he hadn't made a stupid mistake, only to be seen when completing the write-up. Technically the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon should be on the other side, meaning that the baseplate is upside-down at the moment. Not that it really matters, because after placing the Falcon on it, you won't see the engraving anymore.

And no, I didn't have any alcoholic beverages before assembling it :wink: 

Here's an angled side view of the stand. 

The package comes with two leaflets explaining how to assemble the stand, which is actually pretty self-explanatory. I you still find it hard to put it together, there's a nice video on the Wicked Brick website, showing how it's done.


Taddaaaa! Here's that piece of junk placed on the stand. I can recommend gettting some help with placing the model on the stand. You can do it all by yourself, but it's more convenient to lift the model, have your lovely assistant remove the landing gear struts and help you positioning the stand.

Backside shows there is some leeway for moving the model to the left or the right.

Does this setup look cool or what?! Granted, you still need a lot of space, but it's mostly vertical space, which allows you to more easily place it somewhere on a cupboard or on a sidetable in the living room. I'm sure your partner (if applicable) will be psyched to have this bad boy in the living room. I know Kitty (my wife) is!  ... looking for the proper emoticon here, but I'm not sure I can find one hehe.

It is possible to move the model on the stand, but you need to make sure to hold the two sides of the stand.

Nice view from the rear of the vessel.

Here you can see the angle of the stand.


The minifig stand also has some cool details. One of these details is the Episode designation on both sides. On the left there's Episode 4, 5 and 6, while the rights shows Episode 7 and 8. Another nice detail is the placement of the studs, slightly at an angle, resulting in the minifigs facing the center.

If you are not buying the stand for the Falcon itself, the minifig stand might still be worth the purchase. I like it a lot.


Okay, so both stands are very nice products, but what about the price?! Of course, as an owner of this great set you will probably be interested in a quality stand, but will it break the bank? Well, it doesn' my humble opinion.

The stand costs 49.99 GBP.
The stand + minifig add on costs 57.99 GBP.
The minifig stand alone costs 10.99 GBP.

Of course, some people will think that around 66 Euro for a bunch of plastic is a lot of money, but in the LEGO scene, and especially the UCS Star Wars Scene, this will hardly be an argument. I think that this price is very reasonable for such a nice stand. And let's not forget it displays a 850 Euro set, so it's not even 10% of the set price. Bricklinking the Efferman stand will set you back approximately the same amount.


I won't grade this stand, but I will simply tell you that this stand receives two big thumbs up!! You get a quality stand with a cool minifig add-on. 

Ohhh, and Han approves too.

Thanks you for reading this review. All pictures can be found here.